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First Time Buyer Programs

With low down payments and approval guidelines that make it easier to qualify, first time home buyers can be sure to obtain an affordable loan option that fits their financial situation. Learn more about some of the more popular first time home buyer loans before you apply by reviewing the information below.

What is a First Time Buyer Loan?
Many people dream of owning a home, but the home loan process can be confusing for many first time home buyers. Mortgage lenders offer first time buyers with many home loan options and assist the buyer in finding the best home loan for them. First time home buyer programs can offer lower interest rates, low down payments and/or reduced taxes.

FHA and VA Loans for First Time Buyers
The federal government believes that everyone should have the opportunity to buy a home. In order to encourage homeownership, the government developed two loan programs to assist home buyers that offer either a small, or no, down payment called the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Veteran's Administration (VA). To learn more about these loan programs, visit the FHA and VA loan page.

Who is Eligible for a First Time Buyer Loan?
First time home buyer programs are available to those who have not owned a home for the past three years and are designed to help borrowers who may not have enough money to pay the full cost of the down payment or the closing costs on a mortgage.

Community Home Buyer Programs
Community home buyer programs have been making it possible for many people to have the opportunity to buy a home. The home buyer program offers a reduced down payment of 3 percent, which must be paid with the borrower's own funds. The closing costs of the program can be gift funds, a grant or seller assistance up to 3 percent of the sale price. This type of home loan requires the home buyer to take a class on home ownership in their state. Upon completion of the class, the home buyer will receive a certificate that reduces the cash requirement and expands the qualification ratios.

What is Escrow?
Escrow is a deposit of funds, a deed or other instrument by one party for the delivery to another party upon completion of an event. In simpler terms, escrow is where the transaction changes hands and prevents the seller from not receiving the money from the sale and prevents the buyer from not receiving the home that was purchased.

Mortgage Credit Certificates
A Mortgage Credit Certificate or MCC is a certificate awarded by your local government agency authorizing the home loan borrower to take certain federal income tax credits. The credits awarded help free up funds and make the monthly home loan payments more affordable for the homeowner. First time home buyers are typically the candidates eligible for an MCC but in special cases your home loan advisor may waive this requirement. Income and purchase price requirements also vary state to state and should be covered in conversations with your home loan representative.

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